Choosing The Right Motability Car

We know that everyone is different, that is why we have a dedicated team here in Scarborough to help understand your lifestyle and needs from the car.

So we can help you make the right choice for you, you need to consider your lifestyle and the types of journeys which you regularly make, whether you often visit family, take the kids to school, commuting long distance or go on regular shopping sprees.

It is important to assess which types of road you mostly drive on and so whether you need a car that is great for motorway driving or agile enough for busy city driving.

We will also consider storage capacity to meet with your requirements, and so whether you need room to store a wheelchair or scooter, as well as assessing how you will operate gears and controls, the need for adjustable seats and how wide the door opening is.

With the huge amount of choice now available to adapt to your needs, it is worth assessing your lifestyle and creating your own checklist before looking at the models available, although our dedicated team is happy to help discuss all of these considerations with you.

Motability Cars