Car Service

Volkswagen and ŠKODA’s vehicles are well known for their high build quality, and regular servicing helps to prolong their lifetime and retain their value. With Des Winks in North Yorkshire, you can bring your car to us for a wide range of aftersales services and be confident that our team will keep your vehicle in an optimal state of repair.

Our offerings include general maintenance covering wear and tear, authorised MOT testing and meticulous accident repairs. To complete all tasks thoroughly and to the manufacturer’s high standards, we have invested in state-of-the-art equipment and employ only skilled and experienced technicians who understand your model completely. When a replacement part is needed, we will source only genuine components that have been designed to fit your car exactly, to ensure no performance, safety or reliability is lost. These same products can also be purchased from us separately, and you can explore all parts and accessories available by visiting our showrooms.

Whatever work is needed, our team will complete it with efficiency, and prior to taking the keys they will present a competitive quotation. Our aftersales advisers are also happy to offer guidance on any vehicle upkeep which you can perform yourself, when you contact us directly.

Before booking your next service online, browse our Volkswagen or ŠKODA service offers, or get in touch with your nearest marque dealership to find out more about the aftersales opportunities available.