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Accessories for Hire.

Des Winks can offer a wide range of accessories to hire for a weekend, 7 days or more...

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Accessories are a great way to personalise your vehicle or improve its practicality, but sometimes investing in an item that will only make one or two trips a year isn’t worth the expense. That’s why we offer a selection of Volkswagen and ŠKODA accessories for hire. So whether you’re taking the kids mountain biking for the weekend or need a roof box for your holiday, you can hire the item for a low cost. 

Contact our parts hire specialist for availability on 01723 580055.

Terms and Conditions apply - £100 refundable deposit is required prior to hire of accessories. If item is unusable or excessively damaged on return it must be paid in full.
Pick up the day before required and drop off the day after use subject to our opening times.

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