Motability Adaptations

Here at Des Winks, we understand that each customer is unique and has different needs. That’s why we are proud to be able to offer the Motability Scheme to our eligible customers.

With the Motability scheme, we will arrange for any adaptations that are needed to be completed with no extra fee, so you can have peace of mind that there are no hidden costs.

From hand controls and driving aids to wheelchair hoists and swivel seats, there is a wide range of adaptations available to be fitted to your new car, all designed to make your driving easier and more comfortable.

​Driving Adaptations

Driving Adaptations

​Tailored around you, we can offer a selection of driving adaptations to improve your driving experience. The majority of changes which can be made relate to speed control, signalling and steering, whereby the original controls on the car are often retained, meaning that other motorists are still able to drive the car, perfect if you share the family car.​

Stowing Options

Stowing Options

With two types of option available, we can adapt your car to carry a wheelchair or scooter, manoeuvring it into position for you. You can choose from either a rooftop stowing unit or, if the vehicle has enough boot capacity, a boot hoist, both of which are generally activated by a simple touch of a button.



One option to help with accessibility is to have a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, however there is now the capability to adapt standard models to your needs, giving you a much wider choice of cars than you might think.

With swivel seats allowing you to easily move in and out of your car, it can also lower and angle to make access even easier.

Another option is the electric hoist which will lift and position you into the car itself, which is perfect for those who don’t wish to adapt a vehicle to make it wheelchair accessible and would like to keep the original car seat.

As not all of the vehicle alterations are available on all models, it is important that we help you to match your needs to the right car so get in touch today with our dedicated Motability specialists to discuss your options.​