Volkswagen. It means the people's car.

Without the Volks, there is no Wagen.

Over the years, millions of people have fallen in love with the colourful, characterful cars we’ve built. Our new YourWagen platform celebrates these car love stories – from the long-lost loves and nostalgic memories, to the people that have made the leap into loving an electric – so future Volkswagen owners can be inspired to find love for themselves, and existing owners remain part of the Volkswagen family.

We’re celebrating car love. From life-long friendships and happy memories to the people who’ve made the leap to living electric. We hope these stories inspire future owners and offer a warm embrace to those who are already part of the Volkswagen family. After all, without the Volks, there is no Wagen.

Check out our national advert below and Luke's story that features as part of the national campaign.

We want to create and share some YourWagen stories at Des Winks. If you have a story to tell about you and YourWagen then get in touch to appear on our social media and website.

Our first YourWagen story starts in house!


Three of our technicians Mark, Dan and Matt have always had love for the Volkswagen Up! They have each had numerous Ups! to make their daily commute more fun and even their wives drive Ups!

With a combined loyal service to Des Winks and Volkswagen of 55 years (Dan 26 years, Mark 21 years and Matt 8 years) they now each drive their own versions of Up GTI's to work. This is not only a testament to us at Des Winks but also show years of loyalty to such a well loved brand and product.