What is a Volkswagen MOT?

Keeping your Volkswagen in optimum condition not only ensures you enjoy a great driving experience mile after mile, it also helps to maintain your car’s resale value. An MOT test is part of routine maintenance, and is required every year once your vehicle is three years old. It covers a host of elements including seatbelts, lights, tyres, brakes, and fuel and exhaust systems, and is designed to enable our technicians to identify and fix any current issues, as well as highlight any maintenance work that will need to be carried out during the coming year.

Here at Des Winks Volkswagen, we offer fixed price MOT testing, so keeping your car roadworthy is always affordable. For just £54.85, you can enjoy another year’s safe motoring.

During the MOT test, our manufacturer-trained and DVSA-accredited technicians will assess your vehicle. Should we need to replace or repair anything during the MOT, we’ll obtain your permission first, and only use genuine Volkswagen parts that come with a two year warranty. This guarantees the ongoing quality and longevity of the item.

How can I help my car pass its MOT?

Around 1.5 million vehicles fail their MOT each year, due to simple issues that can easily be addressed before the car is inspected. Here’s how to help your car pass its MOT:

1. Headlights and indicators

Check all the vehicle’s lights are fully functional – including the headlights, sidelights, reversing lights and indicators.

2. Brake lights

Check the brake lights are fully functional, either with the help of a friend or by using a reflective surface.

3. Number plate

Ensure the number plate is legible, and that the characters and spacing meet legal requirements.

4. Wheels and tyres

Check for damage to wheels and tyres, and ensure the tread depth of your tyres is at least 1.6mm across the middle third of the tyre.

5. Seats and seatbelts

Check that the driver’s seat slides forwards and backwards, and that the seatbelts are in good working order. Give each seatbelt a tug to ensure it locks.

6. Windscreen

Ensure there are no cracks or chips obscuring the view from the windscreen.

7. Windscreen wipers
Make sure your wipers are able to keep your windscreen clean – any tears or holes in the wiper rubber can be an MOT fail.

8. Screen wash

Top up the screen wash before taking the car to the test centre.

9. Horn

Give the horn a quick blast to ensure it sounds.


Do I need an MOT?

Once your Volkswagen reaches three years of age, an annual MOT test is required to ensure it remains safe on the road. If you’re unsure whether your current vehicle needs an MOT, contact the Des Winks team today and we can help.

What if my MOT has expired?

If your MOT has expired, it is illegal for you to drive it unless you are taking it to a testing centre. You’ll need to book a test as soon as possible, and if your vehicle passes, you can drive it again.

How long does an MOT take?

An MOT typically takes between 45 and 60 minutes. Feel free to wait in our waiting area while it is completed – or you can return later to collect your vehicle.

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An MOT test is an annual inspection that is required by law on all vehicles in the UK that are older than 3 years. The test follows strict criteria that is set out by the DVSA to determine whether your car is fit for purpose and in roadworthy condition. A broad range of vehicle safety checks must be completed by an MOT garage with DVSA-approved examiners, including lights, tyres, seatbelts and emissions.

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