Connected Car & We Connect

The Volkswagen We Connect Portal is where you’ll find all of your Volkswagen's online services, as well as the info you need to stay connected.

Connected Car refers to everything related to in-car connectivity in Volkswagen vehicles.The type of vehicle you drive will determine whether you have access to We Connect, We Connect Plus, Car-Net Guide and Inform in-car information services, and/or Car-Net Security & Service. Electric vehicles also have battery management services.

We Connect is a suite of services that makes your Volkswagen connected and provides a helping hand whenever you need it. As standard, We Connect includes Emergency Call Service and eCall Emergency System, Vehicle Health Report, Service Scheduling, Parking Position and more.

To access these features free of charge, all you have to do is sign up to We Connect online via the Volkswagen website, download the We Connect app to your smartphone, and connect it to your vehicle. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

We Connect Plus opens up next-level connectivity, bringing you extra services such as Online Voice Control, Online Traffic Information, Wi-Fi Hotspot, Internet Radio, and Media Streaming.

Using these features requires you to sign up to a separate We Connect Plus contract, the first 90 days of which are free.

Customers whose vehicle is equipped with Car-Net will be transferred to We Connect, meaning they can still access any previous digital mobility services that they required.

If you’re changing vehicles, you can transfer your personalised services from your old car to your new one. To do so, you’ll need a Discover Media or Discover Pro infotainment system, as well as a Volkswagen ID user account and a login for We Connect.

To find out more about Volkswagen Connected Cars and We Connect, get in touch with the team at Des Winks Volkswagen in Scarborough today.

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