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With the spotlight firmly on climate change, and a drive in the motor industry to reduce emissions and help to improve air quality, many customers are looking to make the switch to electric and hybrid cars. More and more examples are becoming available, but with so much choice where do you start? And how do you know an electric vehicle will meet your needs? We’re here to help.

The benefits of buying electric

Choosing an electric or hybrid model has many advantages including:

  • Cheaper fuel costs
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Exemption from low emission zone charges
  • Lower vehicle tax
  • Free parking and use of bus lanes in some communities

Range and battery life

Many motorists worry that an electric or hybrid vehicle might run out of charge mid-journey. Thanks to huge advances in technology and engineering, the range of electric vehicles is much larger, with many EVs achieving between 100-150 miles on a single charge. Hybrid vehicles have the support of a petrol engine, so if electric power runs out, the engine automatically takes over.

Batteries can be charged in as little as 45 minutes at a rapid charging point, and can be fully charged overnight with a home wallbox. The government offers a grant of up to £500 for wallbox installation, which makes it more affordable too.

No more compromises

Thanks to continual advances in the development of hybrid and electric vehicles, there’s little to no compromise on other factors when you choose this fuel type. The instant torque delivered by an electric motor often means that performance is as good – or better – thanks to quicker acceleration. Many models also offer the same space and practicality as petrol or diesel cars, and the technology included is some of the latest available.

To find out more about electric vehicles, take a look at the Volkswagen Electric Vehicles Made Simple site or contact us at Des Winks Volkswagen in Scarborough today.