Volkswagen Servicing Terms and Conditions

Volkswagen Lifetime Brakes Terms and Conditions

1. These terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) apply to the Volkswagen “Brakes for Life” promotion.

2. Participating Authorised Volkswagen Retailers (each a “Retailer”) offer a lifetime replacement on brake pads or shoes when you pay for a set of Genuine Volkswagen brake pads or shoes and they are fitted by the Retailer. The Retailer will replace the brake pads or shoes when they wear out for as long as you own the car (“Offer”).

3. In order to qualify for the Offer, and before any work can be carried out under the Offer, the Retailer will carry out a free Visual Health-Check (“Health-Check”). Any work identified during the Health-Check that is required to bring your braking system up to the correct manufacturer or MOT standard must be carried out by the Retailer at your cost in order to qualify for the free replacement of brake pads and/or shoes under the Offer.

4. The Offer applies to brake pads or shoes on the same axle.

5. If you purchase a set of Genuine Original Equipment Volkswagen brake pads or shoes then the replacement brake pads or shoes will be a set of Genuine Original Equipment Volkswagen brake pads or shoes.

6. The replacement set only applies to the front or rear set that were originally changed. If both sets were changed it applies to both sets.

7. The Offer does not apply if you purchase Volkswagen Genuine 4+ brake pads or shoes.

8. Only parts purchased from the Retailer and parts that remain in stock or available to order by the Retailer (at the Retailer’s discretion, the decision of the Retailer on such matters is final) are covered by this Offer. The Offer does not cover brake discs and wear indicator sensors or wires or pads or shoes for ceramic brakes.

9. The Offer applies to privately owned Volkswagen Passenger cars of any age with engines up to and including 2 litres. Golf R, fleet, taxis, hire vehicles, vehicles used for commercial purposes, driving school cars, modified vehicles and vehicles used for any competitive sports including motorsports and track days are excluded from this Offer.

10. Vehicles fitted with inboard braking systems and/or hand brake pads/shoes and/or vehicles with modified braking systems are excluded from the Offer.

11. The Retailer will not provide replacement brake pads or shoes on parts that fail as a result (in the opinion of the Retailer) of malicious damage, criminal damage, fire, accident, theft or where the vehicle has been repaired other than by a Retailer without the prior consent of the original Retailer.

12. The Retailer is not responsible for any part removed from the vehicle or tampered with by any other person.

13. The Offer does not cover any defect caused by un-reasonable wear, tear or corrosion or any costs incurred through loss of use.

14. The Offer is subject to a “fair use” policy and may be withdrawn, at the discretion of the Retailer (the decision of the Retailer on such matters is final), if there is regular excessive wear.

15. The Offer applies as stated herein only and no monetary equivalent in lieu of brake pads or shoes or otherwise is available and does not extend to any monetary or compensatory claim, in particular, consequential or additional losses.

How to make a claim

16. In order to claim your replacement brake pads or shoes, please contact your Retailer and provide your original receipt as failure to do so will mean that you are not entitled to utilise the Offer (proof of purchase is essential before any work further to this Offer can commence).

17. The Offer applies from the date of the original purchase and is not transferable to a different vehicle or a different owner of the vehicle on which the brake pads or shoes have been fitted.

18. The Retailer will dismantle and repair or replace at its discretion (the decision of the Retailer on such matters is final) any defective parts and reassemble them on your vehicle subject to the terms and conditions of this Offer.

19. This Offer does not affect your statutory rights.

20. Manufacturer’s conditions of sale apply to all goods sold.

21. Volkswagen Group United Kingdom Limited reserves the right to update, change and/or amend the Terms and Conditions as stated above as considered necessary.

22. This Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer or discount.

23. In the event of a dispute arising from or in connection with this Offer, the decision of Volkswagen Group United Kingdom Limited is final.

24. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by English law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

25. The Offer may be varied or withdrawn at any time. Excludes Channel Isles and Isle of Man. Contact your local Retailer or visit to find out more.

MOT Insurance Terms and Conditions

General exclusions

These exclusions apply to all sections of your cover.

– Damage caused by a road traffic accident and/or fire
– Structural damage, rust or corrosion
– Parts fitted as part of the repairs that are not detailed under the What is covered section
– Repairs arising as a result of any deliberate damage, neglect or misuse of your vehicle or any modifications such as the fitting of replacement or experimental parts or other equipment not approved by the manufacturer
– Repair or servicing of your vehicle or parts subject to recall for repair or replacement by the manufacturer
– A fault or defect in any part which can reasonably be said to have been known to exist before the commencement of the period of cover
– Any repairs covered under the manufacturer’s or supplier’s warranty or any other form of cover

General conditions

These conditions apply to all sections of this MOT Cover and you must meet them before we make a payment.

– Servicing must be carried out in accordance with vehicle manufacturer recommendations. Failure to keep your vehicle serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s service schedule will void this MOT Cover. You must keep all servicing receipts and invoices. We will be entitled to check that your vehicle has been serviced regularly and may ask to see these in the event of a claim
– We reserve the right to have your vehicle and failed components inspected by an expert before authorising repairs
– This MOT Cover has no surrender value or provision for a refund or repayment
– Only one claim can be made during the period of cover
– This MOT Cover is governed by English law. If there is a dispute, it will only be dealt with in the courts of England or of the country within the United Kingdom in which your main residence is situated
– We reserve the right to take over and carry out the defence or settlement of any claim after a payment has been made under this policy. Legal action may be taken in your name to recover payment from a third party made under this policy – In the event of a claim under your policy, you must refer to the “How to make a claim” section of your policy
– Where dismantling of a covered component is necessary to determine the validity of a claim, you must authorise any dismantling. Costs incurred will only be met as part of a valid claim where we agree to meet the cost of repair
– Within 30 days prior to the MOT due date, your vehicle must be submitted for an MOT Test at a Volkswagen Approved Retailer and any faults identified on the MOT Test failure certificate must be rectified by a Volkswagen Approved Retailer
– Only MOTs scheduled 30 days prior to the MOT due date will be covered up to a maximum of one MOT Test during the period of cover
– This cover will be invalidated if during the term:
– Your vehicle is not serviced or repaired in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations;
– A claim is made on a fraudulent basis;
– Your vehicle has been used for racing, rallying or other competition purposes.

For more information, visit the Volkswagen servicing page.