Silver Volkswagen Touareg front side

Discover the new Touareg coming to Des Winks in 2018.


The brand’s all-new flagship vehicle continues Volkswagen’s SUV offensive and sits alongside T-Roc, Tiguan and Tiguan Allspace in the SUV line-up.

The Touareg ushers in a new era of vehicle technology, driver assistance systems and connectivity, with impressive on- and off-road capabilities.


The exterior design features dynamic lines, a wide grille, and a longer and wider appearance.

Volkswagen chief designer, Klaus Bischoff, believes the new Touareg offers an alternative to the establishment with its pioneering and innovative technologies, versatility, and its excellent comfort. He said: “We had an opportunity to implement our ideal vision of a large, exclusive SUV from Volkswagen. And naturally we have consistently exploited this opportunity." The new Touareg also features the largest panoramic sliding roof of any Volkswagen to date. The transparent roof cut-out is 1,270mm long by 825mm wide, allowing more natural light to enter the interior than ever before. You’ll instantly notice the new Touareg’s bold, confident design, with its wide, assertive front grill, eye-catching LED headlights and signature Volkswagen design language. But this premium SUV takes a leap forward in more than just looks: with an impressive specification, brand-new technology and levels of digital dashboard customisation never before been experienced on a car interface, the new Touareg is changing the game.

Blue Volkswagen Touareg front view


The new Touareg is more spacious inside than its predecessor, with a significantly larger luggage compartment: its capacity has increased from 697 to 810 litres, 113 litres of additional boot space

The screens of the ‘Innovision Cockpit’ with their overlaid glass surfaces, , vegetable-tanned leathers, and aluminium and chrome details, give the vehicle a high-quality feel. A pioneering first in a Volkswagen, the new Touareg is the only SUV in its class to present you with a gloriously clear 15-inch Innovision glass display. A richly colourful screen that merges seemlessly into your digital dashboard, it does away with buttons, knobs and dials, using just the power of your touch, gesture and voice to control your car. You can customise it just like a smartphone, and use it to see a wealth of information such as navigation and your apps.


Touareg is the first Volkswagen with a fully digital cockpit combining active info display, the new Discover Premium and a head-up display which is projected directly onto the windscreen. The new car continues the push towards autonomous driving with predictive adaptive cruise control (ACC) and traffic jam assist.

The SUV also makes night time driving safer with the night vision assistance system. The system detects people and animals in darkness up to 300 metres ahead using a thermal imaging camera, detecting thermal radiation and projecting an image onto the driver’s Innovision screen.

The system will warn the driver if the situation is critical, so drivers can benefit from added technology working to keep them safe when driving at night. No more taking your eyes off the road to check crucial driving information. The head-up display projects key information – such as speed, navigational directions and driver assistance messages – onto your windscreen, so everything you need to know is always in the picture. And if the position of the projection doesn’t suit you, you can move it or simply turn it off.

Imagine a screen as big as your laptop, with an interface you can customise just like your smartphone. It may sound futuristic, but it’s here in the new Touareg. We call it the Innovision Cockpit. The Innovision screen sits next to your 12-inch digital instrument cluster, and is angled towards the driver, giving you an ergonomically optimised display that puts everything you need within easy reach. You can customise your Home screen with your favourite apps and photos, use Car-Net App Connect to see your compatible smartphone apps, and even let your passengers select the infotainment while you drive.

Volkswagen Touareg interior
Blue Volkswagen Touareg side view
Volkswagen Touareg interior steering wheel

See what’s hiding in the darkness

It may seem like the stuff of spy films, but night vision is here in the new Touareg. It uses infrared beams to scan up to 300 meters ahead, detecting thermal radiation and projecting an image onto your Innovision screen. The system will warn you if the situation is critical1, so you’ve got one more piece of technology working to keep you safe when you’re driving at night. IQ. Light couples LED matrix technology with a camera that detects what’s happening on the road, adapting the light distribution in response. For example, if the camera sees a road sign, the segment that illuminates the sign will be dimmed to avoid dazzling you. Likewise if a car is coming towards you, the headlights will dip automatically so that the other driver can still see clearly. It can even adapt the breadth, throw and intensity of the headlights in bad weather. It’s like your car shines a spotlight exactly where you need it.

Drive dynamically with all-wheel steering

Cornering on country lanes and parking on city streets just got a whole lot easier, thanks to the new Touareg’s all-wheel steering. The rear wheels steer along with the front wheels. Not only does this give you a smaller turning circle, it also increases your driving stability, so you can drive more dynamicially with increased agility. You may not expect a luxury SUV to deliver such sporty performance, but the new Touareg doesn’t disappoint. Electro-mechanical active roll stabilisation reacts more quickly and at lower speeds than conventional stabilisers, reducing lateral tilt and understeer. So you can drive with precision and agility, even on rough terrain.

Volkswagen Touareg front view
Close up of Volkswagen Touareg headlight
Volkswagen Touareg rear side view