New Golf 8 Unveiled

Evolution on the outside, revolution on the inside

We have seen 7 generations of iconic Volkswagen Golf from 1974 to date. Next year the most technologically advanced Golf comes to the UK, the Golf Mk8.

The Golf 8 showcases a refreshed exterior, with intricately designed headlights and a wider profile, alongside superior technology to give you a hatchback in a class of its own.

New Golf 8
New Golf 8 exterior

See the new Generation Golf for yourself, Digitally remastered and beautifully dynamic

A wide selection of pioneering Volkswagen technology gives you the most responsive, intuitive Golf ever. With IQ.LIGHT Matrix LED lights, Innovision Cockpit, Heads Up Display and Voice Control. Unmistakably Golf but with innovative twists, the Golf 8 is a truly modern hatchback. Its exterior features clean design with narrow LED headlights and a leaner front grille. The imposing bumper gives the Golf 8 more presence and now sits lower to the ground, for a more responsive performance.

New Golf 8 exterior yellow
New Golf 8 steering wheel
New Golf 8 side view


The Golf 8 features Volkswagen’s most advanced connectivity and driver assistance systems. See whats down the road with Car2X, which communicates wirelessly with other Car2X enabled vehicles on the road to provide you with the most up to date traffic information. The Golf 8 comes with a list of driver assistance systems such as adaptive cruise and travel assist making the Golf almost autonomous. Combined with all that comes the new e-TSI engine with mild hybrid technology. e-TSI uses a lithium-ion battery to help power the engine at low speeds and drastically reduce both fuel consumption and emissions. The battery is recharged using energy from braking and coasting creating sustainable power.

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