Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR – get it while you can

Grand Touring Injection (GTI for short) was introduced by Volkswagen back in 1976, a mere two years after the Golf made its first appearance. Ever since, the Volkswagen Golf GTI has remained the performance-focused version of one of Europe’s best-reviewed, most popular hatchbacks. In 2015, the German marque created a Touring Car Racing (TCR) variant. The following year, this already potent automobile was further enhanced and renamed – hence the Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR.

This desirable hot hatch comes with all the racing accoutrements you’d expect from a car that regularly competes to a high standard. For instance, minimal ground clearance provides the vehicle with its distinctive surface-hugging bearing. Furthermore, the car rides on exclusive 18-inch forged alloy wheels and is fitted with an eye-catching rear diffuser.

Nevertheless, the Golf GTI TCR is perfectly suited to everyday driving – it’s practical, spacious and comfortable, a hatchback that delivers on several fronts.

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