New Volkswagen E-Golf

Join the electric movement and revolutionise the way you conquer the city streets. With the launch of our I.D range in 2020, the e-Golf starts our electric revolution.

e-Golf Launch Offer

Electric powertrain

The electric motor doesn’t compromise on performance with 136ps. The engine reaches maximum torque in no time and while the one-speed gearbox guarantees seamless acceleration.

Charging options

A range of options are available when it comes to charging your e-Golf. A comprehensive network of public charging stations is now in use nationwide. And it’s never been simpler to install your own charger at home. You can even find your nearest place to top up using the Zap-Map app.


The e-Golf has an impressive range of 144 miles (WLTP)**. The simple-to-use driving profile settings allow you to optimise energy efficiency or, if your prefer, maximise the car’s power.


It’s never been more important to be conscious of the environment when we choose the car we drive. That’s why the e-Golf allows you to make everyday trips with zero emissions.

Equipment & Design

Eye-catching design and class-leading equipment have always been staples of Volkswagen cars. Discover the personal touches that make your e-Golf as individual as you are. The sleek aerodynamic design of the e-Golf instantly makes an impression. From the blue highlights adorning the lights to the contoured front bumper, every aspect has been carefully considered. The attention to detail on the exterior design carries through to the interior. Plush seating for comfortable journeys and innovative infotainment options enhance the driving pleasure your e-Golf has to offer. Helping the environment lies at the heart of e-Golf’s ethos. So It makes sense that the headlights use LED technology to provide maximum illumination at a low rate of consumption. 16-inch Tilleve alloy wheels are aerodynamically designed with rolling resistance technology to further reduce the power your e-Golf needs to drive efficiently.

Infotainment & Driver Assistance

Whether you need to make a call while driving, up-to-the-minute traffic updates, help with directions, or simply want to listen to some music – your e-Golf’s infotainment options have you covered. Including Navigation, Car-Net and two convenient mobile phone interfaces.

The intelligent driver assistance systems in the e-Golf provide comfort and peace of mind. The main goal of each feature is to help you avoid difficult situations, but even if you find yourself in an awkward spot - the e-Golf will help you deal with it. The standard adaptive cruise control helps to adjust your speed depending on the vehicles around you. Front assist meanwhile includes emergency braking assist as well as pedestrian monitoring to provide a helping hand should someone unexpectedly step out in front of you. The optional Traffic Jam Assist feature monitors other vehicles around you to help prevent collisions when you’re stuck in a jam. Emergency Assist meanwhile can detect when the driver is no longer in control of the vehicle and takes semi-automatic control. The optional Park Assist helps take the stress out of parallel parking. Not only will the feature help you find a space, it will also use ultrasound sensors to tell you whether your e-Golf can fit into your chosen spot. The optional Blind Spot Sensor warns you if there’s a car travelling in your blind spot to provide extra peace of mind. It also tells you if a car is approaching as you reverse out of a parking space.

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