Volkswagen ID.3

The Volkswagen ID.3 is fully electric and combines exceptional range and performance. The all-new ID.3 is a revolutionary example of modern-day manufacturing, offering a strong electric performance and fast charging. There are three battery options to choose from, all delivering slick acceleration and impressive mileage. Opt for the 45 kWh with 145ps, or 58 kWh or 77 kWh with 204ps. While the medium battery can recharge a range of up to 260 miles in 30 minutes in quick charge mode, the biggest battery can travel up to 340 miles on full charge. So, whether you’re dropping the kids off at school, doing the weekly shop or heading on a road trip with the whole family, the ID.3 is up to the challenge.

Our ID.3 Motability Range and DLA Advance Payments:

ID.3 Life Pro 145ps - £999 Advance

ID.3 Life Pro Performance 204ps - £1,249 Advance

ID.3 Family Pro 145ps - £2,649 Advance

ID.3 Family Pro Performance 204ps - £2,949 Advance

ID.3 Max Pro Performance 204ps - £4,649 Advance

ID.3 Tour Pro S 204ps - £4,499 Advance