Volkswagen Contract Hire

The straightforward, more affordable solution for many companies is to lease a Volkswagen on Contract Hire. A key difference is that businesses do not eventually own the car, so they avoid the model's depreciation in value. This difference is the main reason companies choose Contract Hire instead of Personal Contract Purchase (PCP).

  • When the agreement begins, the monthly payments are set and fixed. Those in charge of the fleet budget can predict and manage the cost accordingly. In many cases, the costs of maintenance, servicing and tyres can be built into the Contract Hire plan.
  • The Volkswagen you choose to lease is not classed as a company asset. This important difference helps to keep your cashflow unobstructed. An advantage exclusive to the manufacturer is the Volkswagen Driverline service. Via one contact number, you have quick access to a breakdown and recovery service, maintenance booking system and other motoring support.
  • For VAT-registered companies, there may be the chance to claim back part or all of the applicable VAT. Cars on Contract Hire are also subject to tax allowances, and this could reduce the amount of tax your business needs to pay overall.
  • When the Contract Hire term ends, return the car with no obligations. The hassle of disposing of or selling the Volkswagen is completely avoided. This also means you can select another vehicle on Contract Hire straight away. Easily scale up your fleet as your team grows, and test different models to see which ones best suit your requirements.

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