Volkswagen Fleet Cars

Des Winks Volkswagen is happy to help businesses throughout North Yorkshire who are looking to develop their next fleet - or simply require a single company car. At our Scarborough dealership we employ experienced business specialists who will make the process of choosing and funding your vehicles a simple and cost-effective process.

You will be given the freedom to explore every Volkswagen model thoroughly, and to take any of the vehicles in our selection for a test drive to sample its credentials. We are confident you will be satisfied with our cars, as they deliver excellent results in many of the areas most important to businesses. Reliability is high, as every car is built to an uncompromising standard, and your employees will remain comfortable on the longest trips inside spacious and supportive cabins. Running costs are low thanks to the economical engines available,with minimal CO 2 emissions output putting most of our models in a lower BIK tax band than many of our competitors.

Even as your company's cars reduce your spending on petrol and allow you to reclaim taxes, Des Winks Volkswagen's business finance agreements ensure a steady and manageable repayment plan on your company car or fleet of vehicles.Throughout the agreement, we will be waiting to assist you through servicing, maintenance and repairs, and all tasks are performed quickly so your business can stay on the move.

To find out more about our fleet services and the Volkswagen models available, contact our Scarborough dealership site to enjoy expert guidance from our specialist business advisers.