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We at Des Winks ŠKODA will be delighted to answer any questions you have regarding the financing of your vehicle. Simply select the right department below and get in touch with us today to discuss.

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How does PCP work?

As one of the most affordable forms of vehicle financing around, Personal Contract Purchase schemes help you drive away in the best cars for fixed, manageable monthly repayments. With a PCP agreement, you will pay an initial deposit and agree on the length of term of the contract. You will then pay off the difference between the purchase price and a figure determined by our team known as the Guaranteed Future Value at the time the contract ends. You will then be free to return the vehicle to us with no further responsibility, or take out a new agreement.

What is Hire Purchase?

When choosing Hire Purchase finance, you can invest in a scheme that you know will result in you being the outright owner of the vehicle at the end of the term. This is because, following the payment of an initial deposit, you will be paying off the outstanding balance until the end of the agreement. You may be required to pay a final ‘option to purchase’ fee at the end of the term, but after that there are no further obligations.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay for my new vehicle?


You can purchase a new or used ŠKODA through one of the finance plans available through Des Winks ŠKODA - Hire Purchase or Personal Contract Purchase.

What deposit do you require to order a new car?


The deposit normally required to finance a vehicle is usually 10%. However, speak to a member of the Des Winks ŠKODA team today to discuss suitable options for you.

Do you accept my vehicle as a part exchange?


Yes, and you can receive an almost instant valuation by entering just a few details when prompted.

Can I buy a car with bad credit?


Almost anybody can obtain car finance; however, the worse your credit rating, the higher the rates of APR you’ll be faced with.

Is getting a car on finance worth it?


Absolutely. It can help spread the cost into manageable monthly repayments over an agreed period of time, and provides you with the flexibility of deciding to return the vehicle at the end of selected agreements.

Can used cars be financed?


Used cars can be purchased through financing plans. Speak to our sales team today to find out more.

Can I settle my finance early?


In order to settle your car finance agreement, you should request an early settlement figure from your lender. This will cover the cost of the outstanding balance and any fees that may be incurred.

What is car finance?


Car financing is a source of funding for the purchase of your next vehicle. It is provided by a reliable and credible lender and enables you to spread the cost of buying over an agreed period of time.

What is APR?


The Annual Percentage Rate - or APR - is the official rate used to determine the cost of borrowing over the course of a year.

What is a guarantor loan?


Guarantor loans are those that require a friend or family member to be responsible for any payments should you be unable to fulfil your obligations. These are often available at higher rates of APR.

Hire Purchase (HP) Questions