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Frequently Asked Question

Are you thinking about buying an electric ŠKODA? Our FAQs below will help you find answers to some commonly asked questions. If you still have queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Electric and Hybrid

Is ŠKODA going all-electric?


Although ŠKODA hasn’t so far issued a concrete statement regarding its all-electric manufacturing future, the marque is committed to stepping up production on eco-friendly vehicles.

How much does it cost to run an electric ŠKODA?


It varies from vehicle to vehicle, but compared to a combustion-engined or hybrid equivalent, an electric car is considerably less expensive to run and maintain.

Do electric cars have gears?


No. Electric cars feature a single-gear system, which means they use automatic transmission.

Do electric cars have fewer problems?


This tends to be the case, mainly because an electric drivetrain possesses fewer working parts than a combustion engine, which means its less apt to go wrong.

What's included in an electric vehicle service?


As with a petrol/diesel car, an electric vehicle requires regular servicing to prevent any potential from developing. Unlike a combustion-engined car, an electric vehicle’s electric motor(s) and lithium-ion battery (and automatic transmission) require little maintenance. Otherwise, an electric car is subject to the same servicing requirements as a petrol/diesel/hybrid vehicle.

How much does an electric vehicle cost?


The price is vehicle-dependent – but it should be noted that electric cars are more expensive to buy than their regular counterparts. That said, a ŠKODA electric car represents excellent value for money.

What does my electric vehicle insurance cover?


Generally speaking, electric car insurance doesn’t differ that much from regular car insurance, other than cover for specific EV components, such as an electric motor (or motors) and lithium-ion battery. Of course, the level of protection will depend on the insurance cover you choose, which ranges from third party to fully comprehensive....

Will the weather affect the range of my electric car?


Hot and cold weather will affect range, yes. For instance, if the outside temperature is very hot or cold, this will likely result in increased air-conditioning/heating usage, which requires battery energy, which impacts on range.

What else can affect the range of my electric vehicle?


A particular driving style: rapid acceleration and high-speed driving, for example, can significantly reduce available range. Also, an electric car’s battery is less effective at colder times of the year.


What type of chargers can I use with my ŠKODA EV?


At home, you can use a three-pin domestic power supply or a wallbox (which requires purchasing and installation). When out and about, you can use one of thousands of fasting-charging or rapid-charging public connectors, which are located all around the UK.

How much does it cost to charge an electric vehicle?


This will depend on the vehicle. For instance, at the time of writing, it costs about £21 to fully charge (zero to 100 per cent) the ŠKODA Enyaq iV at home.

Can I install my own electric car charger?


We recommend you hire the services of a qualified electrician who will ensure that the installation runs smoothly and safely, and doesn’t compromise charging performance.

How much will my energy bill go up if I install an EV charger?


Depending on how often you need to charge your vehicle, your energy bill may go up by 5-10% per month. This still works out cheaper than refuelling with petrol or diesel though.

Should I charge my electric ŠKODA every night?


If you’re able to anticipate daily usage, you probably won’t need to fully charge your electric ŠKODA every night. Generally speaking, it’s best not to do so because over-charging can cause rapid battery degradation

How far can electric cars travel on a full charge?


Range varies depending on the electric vehicle you drive. For example, the ENYAQ iV offers a maximum 339-mile range.